One Roasted Vegetable at a Time

Quick introduction. I’m Rachael, I’m 20 years old, pull pints for a living, get out of breath walking up a slight incline and will roast any vegetable you give me because I feel fancy when they come out the oven. I have been vegetarian for just over two years now and at the beginning of lock down I decided to go Vegan, just as my family decided to stockpile Mozzarella instead of toilet rolls. Nevertheless, cheese became the enemy to me and Vitalite became my best friend.

My diet over the last two years has consisted of Quorn chicken nuggets, cup a soups, microwave chips and Guinness. When I first became vegetarian way back, I thought, great! I can finally ditch the fried foods and become the health goddess I deserve to be. Oh, how wrong I was. KFC’s vegan burger creeps up in my dreams from time to time and if I close my eyes and think really hard, yes, it’s Dominoes vegan pizza I can taste. The last few months I decided that maybe it was time to add a vegetable or two to my meals, so I started actually preparing my own food rather than wandering into the Kitchen every five minutes to look in the oven until I decide ‘yeah that’s cooked enough to not get food poisoning’.

After adding more colours than beige and off-orange to my plate, I started getting really interested in the foods I had put into my body over the last 20 years. I’ve began taking a nutrition course, and believe me when I say I had an existential crisis when I found you’re not meant to eat more than one teaspoon of salt a day. At this point, my blood must taste like that mouth full of sea water you accidentally get when you fall off your lilo at the beach. I’m on a little mission to change that by finding my flavours elsewhere.

My dog Ollie, although I have no clue what’s going on inside his brain and fear he has definitely had a couple of back knocks to the head, supports me best by swallowing food I drop on the kitchen floor, whole. I mean, if he likes it then it can’t be that bad. Although I have seen him eat a few Bee’s in the past, and a few fake plants. He’s gonna have his own little section on my blog where you can see what we get up to together whilst he’s on his own weight loss journey.

So, I hope you enjoy this insight to a regular vegan lifestyle as I write about health, disasters in the kitchen, things I do when i’m out and about and thoughts that pop into my head during sleepless nights (which I then make up for with very sleepy days).

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