My Top 10 Weird and Worrying Dating Experiences: Part 2

Back by slightly popular demand, here I am exposing some of the worst (and some tolerable) men that I have encountered during my dating life. I hope you all enjoy this as much as the last one, although reading it back I feel like I might need to call my therapist to help me understandContinue reading “My Top 10 Weird and Worrying Dating Experiences: Part 2”

Suicidal Thoughts: Reality, Experiences and Tips

Life, on paper, seems simple. Feed yourself, water yourself, clean yourself, keep people around you that you love, and the most simplest one of them all – stay alive for as long as possible. Life pretty much is just like a game, with the difference being that we don’t get a second shot if itContinue reading “Suicidal Thoughts: Reality, Experiences and Tips”

What You Can Do: Suicide Prevention Awareness Month

I haven’t wrote in a while because I haven’t felt the passion to write about something that is close to me, until suicide awareness prevention month came about. Now, after a quick google, there is suicide prevention week which is the 6th to the 12th of September but Twitter seems to be saying it’s suicideContinue reading “What You Can Do: Suicide Prevention Awareness Month”

9 Rules I’ve Learned To Live By This Year

When I look back at myself a year ago today, I barely recognise who I was. I have learned so much over the last eight months that have helped me live a happier life and grow my relationships with people, so without dragging on for any longer, here is the rules I now live myContinue reading “9 Rules I’ve Learned To Live By This Year”

5 Things That Helped My Eating Disorder Whilst On Holiday

In both an unfortunate and fortunate twist of events, my holiday to Belgium got cancelled and instead I went on a walking holiday through Otley and Buxton. I had fear for about a week before hand over the food I was potentially about to eat, considering it would be restaurants for almost every meal. SinceContinue reading “5 Things That Helped My Eating Disorder Whilst On Holiday”

Can My Pet Be Plant Based Too?

Recently, I’ve seen a few people on social media confessing to not feeding their pets meat. Animals dietary systems are quite different to ours, and when I worked in a pet based store there was a few times I had to explain to customers that cats in particular could not go on a vegan orContinue reading “Can My Pet Be Plant Based Too?”

Twitter and Instagram vs Body Image

Let me start this off by saying the photos I have attached today are not the ones I originally attached. After telling my boyfriend yesterday I would not go to the beach because I was too scared about people seeing my body, I ran into my room 3 minutes ago, threw on a bikini andContinue reading “Twitter and Instagram vs Body Image”

Questions I Get Asked as a Vegan

From vegetarian to vegan, I have had a couple of years of being asked the same questions to the point that I have planned out the perfect answers. I’m sure we have all been there, when we’re asked the same question for the 32nd time and hand back a sarcastic answer that the person genuinelyContinue reading “Questions I Get Asked as a Vegan”

Upcoming Society Damage

Boris has announced that he is ‘cracking down’ on obesity in the UK. This will include a ban on junk food adverts before 9pm and a ban on sales of crisps and chocolate at checkout points, to me this seems reasonable as I don’t believe we should be promoting unhealthy food, but that’s not whatContinue reading “Upcoming Society Damage”

Male Domestic Violence Victims: an insight to an ongoing issue

There are so many topics in our current world that need to be talked about, one that I feel we must talk about right now is male domestic violence victims. Each day the news is reporting on Johnny Depp and Amber Heard, giving us evidence after evidence of the domestic abuse Johnny Depp has faced.Continue reading “Male Domestic Violence Victims: an insight to an ongoing issue”