5 Things That Helped My Eating Disorder Whilst On Holiday

In both an unfortunate and fortunate twist of events, my holiday to Belgium got cancelled and instead I went on a walking holiday through Otley and Buxton. I had fear for about a week before hand over the food I was potentially about to eat, considering it would be restaurants for almost every meal. SinceContinue reading “5 Things That Helped My Eating Disorder Whilst On Holiday”

Can My Pet Be Plant Based Too?

Recently, I’ve seen a few people on social media confessing to not feeding their pets meat. Animals dietary systems are quite different to ours, and when I worked in a pet based store there was a few times I had to explain to customers that cats in particular could not go on a vegan orContinue reading “Can My Pet Be Plant Based Too?”

Questions I Get Asked as a Vegan

From vegetarian to vegan, I have had a couple of years of being asked the same questions to the point that I have planned out the perfect answers. I’m sure we have all been there, when we’re asked the same question for the 32nd time and hand back a sarcastic answer that the person genuinelyContinue reading “Questions I Get Asked as a Vegan”

Cruelty Free and Vegan Brands

Who doesn’t love a good twitter argument? The recent trend getting thrown around the vegan twitter world is, are you really living a fully vegan life? Of course we have cut out the meat and dairy from our diet, but what about the products we use in every day life? We have all made simpleContinue reading “Cruelty Free and Vegan Brands”

Let’s Talk About Sushi

I have had a craving for Sushi since before lock down. So, in my everlasting wisdom, at 5pm on a Friday night I thought it would be an excellent idea to venture over town to my local Chinese supermarket and make myself sushi for tea. What could go wrong? I got the bus over townContinue reading “Let’s Talk About Sushi”

The Game Changers: Vegan Power Summed up

‘That stuff can’t be good for you’ my mam turns and says to me yesterday as I was eating a full plant based meal. You should watch ‘The Game Changers’ on Netflix I said to her, and after she said she wouldn’t have time, I decided to write this to give her the most interestingContinue reading “The Game Changers: Vegan Power Summed up”